Las Vegas, NV Orthodontics - Mark Escoto, DDS - Nevada TMJ Institute

The goal of Orthodontic treatment is to reposition teeth in order to create positive changes in both appearance and function, which last a lifetime.

Dramatic changes in orthodontic treatment in recent years now allow for many cases to be treated in eighteen months, and sometimes in less time, without removing any of the patient’s natural teeth. Consequently, we are creating broader smiles with all of the patient’s natural teeth with stable results. Retention is now a matter of months instead of years. These new treatment plans are less intensive and cumbersome as in the past and, more importantly, are pain-free.

Dr. Escoto has received extensive training from orthodontists considered to be on the leading edge of orthodontics in this country. He has completed years of such training, integrating extensive instruction in TMD (temporomandibular joint dysfunction) with orthodontic diagnostics and treatment. Any orthodontic treatment plans that Dr. Escoto suggests are designed to protect optimal function of the temporomandibular joints, in a pain-free environment without the need for any surgery.