Advanced Imagery

Nevada TMJ Institute offers the most advanced imaging technology, for optimal comfort and safety of the patient.

State of the Art 3D Imaging and Safety Features

We use the NewTom VGI, which features:

  • Up to 50% higher image resolution
  • Medical-Grade Roating Anode for a comprehensive image
  • SafeBeam technology, which reduces radiation dose
  • Up to 100 times less exposure to radiation than a CT scan
  • Less than 4 seconds of total exposure


Comprehensive Head and Neck Sectography

We utilize a variety of head and neck diagnostics in order to get to the bottom of your pain, and determine the most seamless and cost effective treatment suited to you. This includes sinus studies, cervical studies, etc., all of which can be repeated with the patient in exactly the same position (for optimal comfort) to determine complications occurring as a result of past treatment, non-treatment, further trauma, etc.

The NewTom VGI at Nevada TMJ Institute.

Advanced 3D cone beam technology utilized by Nevada TMJ.